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About Transitioning Home discussion groups

Family and Home Network developed the Transitioning Home discussion group materials because we’ve heard so much from so many people – mostly mothers, but some fathers too – about how they’ve struggled through this time in their lives, when they’re changing their focus from career to children and home. The Transitioning Home materials are designed for groups meeting once a week for 90 minutes; between meetings participants are invited to read science-based articles as well as essays by parents. The essays are from the journal Welcome Home, which won several Parents’ Choice Awards during the 21 years of its publication.

The session titles indicate the topics covered:

Session I Exploring expectations and transitions; thinking about parenting

Session II Your feelings, human development, the needs of children

Session III Cultural influences, clarifying values; tasks and family finances

Session IV Parents' interests, well-being, reflecting on marriage and mutual interests

Session V Public policies, interdependent community

Session VI Appreciating your identity; research-based support for parents

Please see the sign-up page to indicate your interest in future Transitioning Home groups.

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