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Analysis of family policies,

Speaking out to policymakers and the media,

Examining use and misuse of statistics,

Leading the Campaign for Inclusive Family Policies.


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See our guest post at the New America Foundation: Equality and Justice for All Families.



Campaign for Inclusive Family Policies.

Statistics on Families

Since 1984, Family and Home Network has been analyzing public policies and media reports concerning families. We speak up on the misuse of statistics on mothers and work, as well as on misconceptions and stereotypes about families with an at-home parent. Some of our activities:

  • 1988 - delivered our policy paper Mothers Speak Out on Child Care to every member of Congress.

  • Members of our Board of Directors have testified several times at Congressional hearings.

  • Presented a poster and handout at national conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2004).

  • Authored Beyond Child Care article for Mothering magazine.

  • Worked with the federal Child Care Bureau to develop their first guide for parents considering the choice of caring for their own children: Accessing Support for All Parents (2006).

  • Representing at-home parents at many national conferences, as well as reaching out to elected officials, medical and academic professionals and the media.

  • Attending presentations at Washington DC think tanks, often the only voice speaking up on behalf of families with an at home parent.

  • Networking with leaders of other national parenting groups; currently building a consensus around the Campaign for Inclusive Family Policies, calling on policymakers to craft policies that support families regardless of the ways in which parents meet their income-earning and caregiving responsibilities.

All our advocacy work is accomplished by volunteers. Please consider joining our efforts - use the "Feedback" tab on the left edge of the page to let us know you're interested. Thank you!