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on September 9th, 2012 at 10:46:25 PM

Before I dive any deeper into my September “to do” list I want to share a personal milestone, express my gratitude, and issue an invitation.  

The milestone

This May I graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Human Development, Parenting and Policy.

My gratitude

First of all, I’m grateful to my husband for decades of understanding and support, which was crucial as I pursued my path of at-home mothering, volunteering and returning to college.

In the 1980s, I found great support and encouragement, as well as wonderful opportunities to learn as I began volunteering with Mothers at Home (the original name of Family and Home Network). I’m grateful to the three at-home mothers who founded this organization. They established a culture of inclusiveness and of listening to parents—parents with widely divergent socio-economic circumstances, education levels, political outlooks and religious beliefs. They examined and articulated cultural and policy issues that continue to resonate today.

I’m grateful to my colleagues—editors, members of the Board, staff and volunteers—who generously shared their professional expertise in many different fields. And I’m especially grateful for the great friendships that grew out of our work together.

I learned so much from the thousands of parents who communicated through our monthly journal Welcome Home. And I learned from leaders of other parent organizations and professionals working to help parents and children.

When I returned to college I drew on these years of “experiential learning” to inform my choice of classes, the questions I asked and the topics of my research papers. Thanks to the university’s program designed for adults returning to college – the Bachelor of Individualized Studies program – I was able to weave my studies and my work with FAHN together. And I was fortunate to find a great mentor, Dr. Susanne A. Denham, who is nationally renowned for her research on young children’s emotions. Digging into the scientific literature made me even more passionate about Family and Home Network’s mission: helping families spend generous amounts of time together.  

An invitation

For three decades, volunteers have sustained Family and Home Network. Please consider joining us! (We meet online so you can join us from almost anywhere.) For more information please see our Volunteer Information page.

And at anytime, please let us know of your concerns, questions, ideas—post a comment, use our contact form or send me an email:

Cathy Myers, Executive Director