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See our guest post at the New America Foundation: Equality and Justice for All Families.


Advocating for Inclusive Family Policies

on May 13th, 2013 at 2:04:31 PM

Today (Monday May 13, 2013) at 12:15, at a Washington, DC think tank – The New America Foundation - there is an event titled “The Hell of American Day Care.” The event will be live streamed and there is a Twitter chat @AssetsNAF #fixingdaycare.

The event is organized around Jonathan Cohn’s recent article in The New Republic (same title as the event).

FAHN’s executive director, Catherine Myers, will participate in the Twitter chat to advocate for "fixing" day care by first making government support for families inclusive - letting parents decide whether to care for their children themselves or pay others. (See FAHN's Campaign for Inclusive Family Policies).

Catherine on Twitter: @cathyfamilyhome

When Jonathan Cohn was interviewed on NPR’s program Fresh Air, a military mom commented on their website:

“Think on this: When a mother stays at home with her children, she sacrifices her time and her mental/emotional energy for the good of her children. Daycare providers, no matter what they make, have the opposite motivation. Daycare providers are there for personal gain, a paycheck. You can't buy mothering. No amount of money will fix that.
I was glad that the interviewee at least mentioned potential tax breaks for stay-at-home moms (SAHM's). We are a military family and when my husband is deployed, we qualify for all kinds of daycare subsidies and benefits. As a SAHM, I get nothing. I do the work and carry all the burden of two parents alone and the government doesn't value it at all.”

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