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Support Groups for Moms and Dads

on October 12th, 2011 at 4:20:08 AM

New content on our website: several great articles about support groups and a resource page with links to organizations that offer local support groups:

From Support Groups for Moms: "...mothers who get together regularly with other mothers to learn, work, and play are succeeding at creating for themselves a healthy social context in which they can grow as individuals while their mothering abilities flourish."

Read about some of the many ways moms find support: in informal groups, in large organizations with many planned activities, while taking turns watching the kids so moms can go for a swim, for "moms only" dinners socializing -- What Is A Mothering Support Group

Learn how others got connected: How to Find (Or Start) A Mother's Support Group

And on our resource page, find national organizations that offer local support groups: Parent Support Groups

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