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Getting Organized

on November 29th, 2012 at 3:01:12 AM

Janet Dittmer offers her insights in Getting Organized for Christmas:

"I realized that the best times seemed to be when I employed certain basic principles, rather than when I tried this or that method of organization. Finally I pinpointed five principles that consistently made the most difference."

* * *

"We again could take a lesson from our children. When they see pretty lights, they soak in the beauty of those lights and think of nothing else. When they help bake cookies, they savor every taste and smell. When they help bring in the tree, they are ecstatic with delight in the difference it makes in the room."

* * *

"During the regular months of the year, we often struggle to keep up with the various activities of home, church and community, sometimes feeling we are juggling more than we can possibly handle. Yet we expect ourselves to add on a host of new activities at holiday time..."