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See our guest post at the New America Foundation: Equality and Justice for All Families.


The "things" that matter

on December 28th, 2012 at 4:07:54 AM

Family and Home Network focuses on what really matters: intimate, nurturing parent-child relationships and time together.

Since 1984, FAHN has been offering advertisement-free parent-to-parent affirmation, information and advocacy. As a grassroots nonprofit organization, FAHN has always drawn its strength from the parents who connect with us, participate in discussions, contribute essays, send questions, make comments--and give us the financial support we need to keep going...

We can’t do this work without your help!

The scientific evidence is clear: parent-child relationships are at the heart of human development (please see our Children’s Needs information page for more, including references). And intimate, nurturing relationships require time together, a value that is not well supported by our culture.

Many parents tell us they feel uncertain about their decision to leave the workforce (or cut back on paid work) to be home with their children. Some hear dismissive comments about the value of spending time with children. They are grateful to find FAHN's community of parents and our informative, supportive website, as well as our social media avenues (in 2012 we more than doubled the number of parents who connect with us through Facebook, Google+ and Twitter).

This year we were able to offer our six-week Transitioning Home workshops online, reaching parents wherever they live and allowing them to participate right from home. Meeting with small groups of parents (via Google+ Hangouts),we explore expectations and feelings, examine our To Do lists and roles in the family—and we take time to talk about the joys of at-home parenting. We also introduce some of the excellent resources that can help parents and children. Our waiting list is growing, and in 2013 we'll help more volunteers learn to facilitate these discussions so we’ll be able to enroll even more parents.

Our Campaign for Inclusive Family Policies calls on policymakers to craft policies that respect and support parents’ choices about meeting their income-earning and caregiving responsibilities. In January, volunteers from across the country will meet online to plan a major promotion of the Campaign.  

We work hard to keep our expenses low and we are volunteers – please help us continue this work by making a financial contribution–any amount helps! (And please consider volunteering too.)

Please make a tax-deductible donation now! Donate online:

Or mail a check to:

Family and Home Network, P.O. Box 492, Merrifield, VA 22116

 Thank you!

Catherine Myers, Executive Director